Three ​examples as a bass player, session work for a rock/folk band

  • Le Grand Vide PDA 09 Fevrier4:32
  • Le Chevalier Et L'Oiseau PDA 09 Fevrier4:59
  • La Route PDA 09 Fevrier4:10

  • Lullaby1:36

Three ​examples as a bass player, session work for a metal band

​Session work for a short film score

Two example as an arranger and multi-instrumentalist for a cover song

  • Game Of Thrones Main Theme2:02
  • You Are My Sunshine3:00
  • You Are My Sunshine Orchestral Version3:00

Dominic Nudo

​Two example as a bass player, session work on electronic music

Three examples of a live album mix

Browse through the music players. They contain from one to three songs each. 

​As you can see here, I have a wide range of styles and expertise both as a musician and a sound engineer. I am open to every style of music or any project you need assistance for.

Of course, these are only a short list of the projects I've worked on, for further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Space Waste4:32
  • Silence Must Be Broken3:48
  • Great White Shark4:20

  • Ali-Baba Cool4:40
  • Les P'tits Poissons4:46
  • Katmandou4:06